Manchester Orchestra Wants YOU: To Sing In Their Remix

Posted December 5

Think you have the musical chops to lend your voice to a Manchester Orchestra remix? Well, even if you sing like a dying humpback whale, you can totally pitch in and help remix the track “Virgin,” off of the bands newest album, Simple Math.

According to the band, the song “Virgin” is about how the fans have helped Manchester Orchestra succeed, so in keeping with that theme, today they’re launching a campaign at the microsite We Built This House that allows fans to record themselves singing the chorus of the tune.

Just visit the site, listen to the chorus a few times, and record yourself singing via your SoundCloud account. Once you’re happy with your interpretation (I uploaded my own horrorshow of a singing voice, so no excuses, guys), upload your recording and create an avatar complete with a name and message.

Other fans will then be able to surf through the sea of avatars denoting the brave people who contributed to the song. Once the band has enough recordings, it will remix the song with everyone’s voices and release it as a free download.

Simple Math has been an extremely social media-related release for the band — they gave fans a sneak peek at the stream via and interactive puzzle back in May.

More and more, bands are allowing fans to interact directly with their work — artists like the Kaiser Chiefs let folks create their own track listing for their disc The Future Is Medieval, as did Devo, for Something For Everybody (although with Devo, tongue was firmly planted in cheek).

While some might point at what Manchester Orchestra is doing and claim that they are somehow muddying their art by allowing fans to add their voices to a track, we would point out that the song is a remix (and a free download at that) — an extra meant to reward those who truly support the band. It’s not like they’re asking fans to contribute to the actual album (which could actually be cool if done correctly).

What do you think of this campaign? Smart or shill?

Virgin by Manchester Orchestra

By Brenna Ehrlich