Rock-T-A-Day Tumblr Is The Most Creative Music Blog We’ve Seen In A While

Posted December 2

Wearing concert Ts is a dicey business replete with myriad rules: 1). Don’t wear a T featuring a band you don’t know just because the design is cool, 2). Know the line between “ironic” and “lame,” 3). Don’t wear the T of the band you’re seeing in concert.

This sea of potential pitfalls makes Isac Walter’s Tumblr goal the most Herculean of endeavors: He aims to wear a different concert T every single day until… well, the merch tables run dry.

If you surf on over to Minor Thread (har, har, get it?), you’ll see that Walter has been at it for 143 days now, blogging snaps of his varied concert vestments.

While the Tumblr could be a rather monotonous affair, Walter took a more writerly approach: Explaining the origins of each T and what the band means to him. And, like any good blogger, he makes the task a multimedia-rich affair, embedding videos and music streams from the band in question. Dude isn’t the most careful of writers (watch out for typos, Walter), but the blog is an interesting treasure trove of music.

We reached out to Walter for more info on his blog and his mission, but, in the meantime, we’re having a pretty good time combing through his record collection — and his wardrobe.

By Brenna Ehrlich