Myspace Launches New Music Player

Posted December 19

After Myspace was sold to Specific Media this past summer (and even before then), many a pundit put the nail in the formerly giant social network’s coffin. Now, however, Myspace is back with its first product offering under its new owners: the Myspace music player.

Upon signing up for Myspace (which I had to do again, as I had previously canceled my account), you can sign up via your Facebook account. Doing so will allow you to share music you’ve listened to on Myspace to Facebook in the same way that Spotify, Rdio and MOG were able to following the introduction of Facebook’s new Open Graph. In some respects, Myspace — although still an (extremely confusing) social network — is now more similar to Pandora and the like than Facebook itself.

Once you’ve signed up, you can surf around the check out bands, listening to their music via Myspace’s overhauled, pop-out player. Within the player, you can search for other artists, listen to artist radio, find bands that sound like the ones you’re listening to, and create a “mashup” playlist of artist “Likes” imported from Facebook and bands of that ilk. To create playlists, however, you’ll have to go back to Myspace itself.

According to Billboard, who has the exclusive scoop today, Specific Media is really banking on Myspace’s vast collection of indie music to see it through the hard times (layoffs, falling traffic). The site boasts 42 million songs total.

Myspace is slated to have a full relaunch in early 2012 (under the auspices of new Creative Director Justin Timberlake), complete with even more features of this kind.

Myspace’s attempted resurrection could mean an interesting turn for bands. More and more, people are looking to Facebook to be the new location for bands aiming to get their music out there and connect with fans. However, despite recent app integrations with the social networking site, Facebook lacks its own native player for artists, requiring them to use services like Band Pages and Reverbnation to get their music to fans.

It will be interesting to see, as 2012 unfolds, whether Myspace’s new focus on music and bands can earn it a foothold in the social media space once more.

By Brenna Ehrlich

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