When You’re Nicki Minaj, Madonna & M.I.A. Will Say “Happy Birthday” To You on Facebook

Posted December 12

As someone whose birthday is right around the corner (hint, hint), I know what to expect: A smattering of phone calls and texts, and, inevitably, a torrent of “Happy Birthday” messages littering my Facebook Wall. I won’t delude myself, however, into thinking that my b’day tidings will be anything like Nicki Minaj’s.

Minaj, who turned 29 a few days ago, recently enjoyed a rousing chorus of “Happy Birthday” courtesy of Madonna and M.I.A. on the set of Madonna’s “Give Me All Your Love” video shoot (M.I.A. and Minaj are both on the track).

Madonna put up a Soundcloud recording of the song today on her Facebook page for the world to see — er, hear. If you’re expecting high levels of musical excellence, you’re going to be disappointed — the recording sounds like it could have come from your Aunt Myrtle’s birthday party. But, then, when has “Happy Birthday” ever been a showstopper, really? (Excepting Marilyn Monroe, of course.)

Madonna and M.I.A Sing Happy Birthday to Nicki Minaj by Madonna

By Brenna Ehrlich

Image courtesy of Flickr, dpmzcnrd