Pandora Goes IRL With Concert Series

Posted December 28

For a long time now, Pandora has been the service for music lovers looking to access free tunes (the times they are ‘a changin’ with the Americanization of Spotify, but I digress). Now, Pandora is getting into the real-life realm with a free live concert series called Pandora Presents.

According to Mashable, the series launched in early December in Portland, Oregon, with a band called Dawes. Why Dawes? Well, because people in Portland dig them. That’s what’s so cool about the series: Pandora is using its listener data to determine what bands people in certain cities want to see.

The rest of the series’ presentation — the online portion — leaves a little to be desired. Online, users can check out behind-the-scenes videos and a 100-song mixtape curated by the band. However, users can’t watch the show itself, which seems like a huge omission.

Vevo and YouTube have hosted concert series in the past — as well as huge music fests like Coachella — and people are even starting to pay to watch shows live online via services like StageIt. It seems like Pandora should offer similar content: either a taped version of the show after the fact, or a livestream.

Still, this is only the first effort by the music-streaming service. So we’ll have to see what 2012 brings.

By Brenna Ehrlich