Paul McCartney Premieres New Song Via Soundcloud

Posted December 20

Paul McCartney’s new solo album may not be out until early next year, but you can listen to one of the nostalgia-laced disc’s first tracks today via Soundcloud‘s new HTML5 player.

While McCartney could have simply posted a stream of the song online using another service, by choosing Soundcloud — and its new player in particular, which so elegantly displays user comments — the musical idol creates a lovely interactive experience that digitalizes Beatle mania of yore and archives fans’ first responses to the song.

When you click “Play” on the track above — featuring Eric Clapton — don’t just surf away and listen while you read your email. Several users have already left comments on the song — all positive — that will flick by as the orange line moves down the waveform. Some of them are quite lovely, like: “for a moment i thought i was somewhere so beautiful …”

Although Soundcloud is nothing new (and neither is McCartney) the idea of such a popular, iconic artist premiering a song on such a platform — which instantaneously displays feedback and praise — is a striking one. It’s a true example of history converging with the future.

By Brenna Ehrlich

Image courtesy of Flickr, nikoretro