Boyz II Men Will Sing You Christmas Carols on Facebook

Posted December 13

When I was in middle school, I would have fainted at the prospect of Boyz II Men crooning me a “Merry Christmas” (being the worst Jew in all the land) — now, that fitful dream has come true, courtesy of the wonders of the web and Skype.

Back in November, we told you about Say It With Skype, a Facebook app that allows you to say “Happy Birthday” to friends via a personalized message and song from their favorite band (if their favorite band is one of a limited listing of acts, that is). Today, Skype is out with a holiday version of the app, offering up Alice Cooper, Autumn in Disguise, Boyz II Men, The Chakras, The Cuban Brothers and Scala & Kolacny Brothers as digital carolers.

Simply click through to the app, choose a friend on which to bestow your tidings (I chose Andi Bartz, my friend and Stuff Hipsters Hate co-author) and, naturally, the Boyz. You can also choose to sing along — so start brushing up on those multi-part harmonies. Add a personal message, and post it to your friend’s wall for instant holiday cheer/confusion.

Who will you say “Merry Christmas” to?

By Brenna Ehrlich