A Super Lazy — And Genius — Way To Buy Band Ts

Posted December 15

Are you really, really into wearing your musical tastes on your sleeve? Well, you’re in luck: A startup has come on the scene that allows you to passively buy Ts based on your listening preferences.

Shirtify is a kind of apparel subscription service that taps into your Spotify, Pandora, Rdio and Last.fm listening habits to send you a T-shirt each month that reflects your current musical mania. The service costs either $35 per month, $399 per year or $99 for a 3-shirt bundle. You can also return a shirt if you don’t like the look or, say, went on a bit of a Bieber binge one month.

The coolest aspect of this project, perhaps, is that bands get all the money that the service accrues for T-shirt sales. Unfortunately, we do not yet know which artists are included in the service. However, bands can contact the Shirtify for more info on getting their merch included.

Hmm, sounds like the perfect gift for that rock-T-per-day dude. And, you know, me.

Update: “We’ll ship you shirts from any artist that sells merch online, and links to it from their official website/Facebook/Myspace,” says Shirtify co-founder Nick Molnar.

By Brenna Ehrlich

(via hypebot)