Introducing: A Social Network For People Who Like Listening To Songs On Repeat

Posted December 2

There’s only so many times you can excitedly tweet about that song, you know, that song that you can’t stop listening to. Still, one tweet, one Facebook post, doesn’t quite capture the reverence that you have for that one particular tune. Enter: This Is My Jam.

This Is My Jam (which is still in Beta, so you’ll have to apply for an invite code) allows users to sign in via Twitter or Facebook and share much-loved songs with friends. Simply search for the song that’s currently haunting your brainwaves (mine is from my new favorite band, Los Campesinos!) and share it with the rest of the site. You’ll be able to post to Facebook and Twitter when the service is out of beta.

You can also follow friends and other users to find new jams, “liking” tunes and commenting along the way. (Songs that you post are playable for one week.) The site even has a nifty dashboard that shows how many times people have played your songs.

There’s a ton of song-sharing sites and services out there — SoundTracking and Soundshare to name a few — but we like how this one is tailored for us freaks out there who like listening to jams on repeat. Now, excuse me, I have to go listen to “Baby I Got The Death Rattle” one more time.

By Brenna Ehrlich