An Online Store For Everyone Who Coveted Nicki Minaj’s Fried Chicken Necklace: Topdust

Posted December 28

When Nicki Minaj attended the iHeartRadio Music Festival this year wearing a hot pink fried chicken necklace, our hearts were consumed by fiery jealousy. Finally, however, our seething has been sated, as music news site Popdust has launched an online storefront where we may purchase such fast food-inspired fare, as well as other musician-related fashion items.

Popdust, which was launched this past year by entrepreneur David Wade and Craig Marks of Billboard, Spin and Blender, caters to fans of, well, pop music. Topdust brings the merchandise into the editorial equation, including goods like the aforementioned chicken necklace, Lady Gaga underwear (from her “Born This Way” video) and Taylor Swift sweaters.

“The common thread throughout all of it is that there’s a story that ties back to somebody who is in Popdust’s wheelhouse,” Wade says. “It’s curational on one hand, but we’re also looking to have artists who have done licensed merchandise deals bring those items to light as well.”

The site is in what’s called a “soft launch” stage right now, which means that it exists, but publicity has yet to start in earnest. You also have to register for an invite at present in order to shop. Wade says that they plan to launch officially in January, complete with videos tours of merch conducted by artists and playlists to listen to whilst shopping.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a chicken necklace to buy.

By Brenna Ehrlich