The Hottest Music Topics on Twitter in 2011: Guess Who Tops The List?

Posted December 5

The world may not have ended back in May (or October, Camping), but we think we can make out the faint outline of the four horsemen galloping across the horizon. The number-one most popular music-related Twitter topic of 2011? Rebecca Black and her infectious jam, “Friday.”

The song — which falls under the genre of what I like to call “memecore” — erupted onto the scene via YouTube back in March, and has somehow managed to repeatedly claw its way out of the grave over the ensuing months, most recently appearing a commercial for Kohl’s Black Friday sale.

Other hot topics were a little less meme-y, most centered around musicians we lost this year (Nate Dogg, Gerry Rafferty and Gil Scott-Heron). There’s also a mention of Britney Spears’ most recent album, Femme Fatale.

What do you think of this year’s hottest Twitter topics? Are you surprised by what made the cut?

By Brenna Ehrlich