Foursquare For Record Stores Makes Shopping For Vinyl Easy

Posted December 20

You have T-minus not-that-many-days to find the perfect gift for the music lover in your life and you have no idea where to start searching. Well, lucky for you (lazy arse), there’s a brand-new app on the scene that will help you locate all the record shops in your vicinity. Once you’ve walked through the jingling store door, however, you’re on your own — try not to get High Fidelity‘d out of there.

The Vinyl District is a new iOS/Android app from the blog by the same name. Although the app features content from the blog itself, it’s not simply an editorially focused mobile app. Instead the centerpiece of the offering is a kind of Foursquare-esque service that allows you to locate all the record stores in the area via GPS, check in to them, add snaps and comments, and share those checkins to your social networks. You can also surf through other user checkins and “Shouts” and see what they have say about stores.

Vinyl buffs will dig the cache that comes from checking in to myriad stores in a single week — or day — and record newbies will be grateful for the map directions the app provides to wax-filled locales.

The app features international stores, and accepts crowd-sourced submissions so as to ensure accuracy/thoroughness.

Will you use this app to finish up your holiday shopping — either for yourself or others?

By Brenna Ehrlich