WTF: Kina Grannis Really Likes Walking Octopuses

Posted December 14

For this edition of WTF Wednesday — in which bands share all the weird shizz they’re looking at online — we caught up with O Music Award-winning artist Kina Grannis (Best Web-Born Artist) to talk her obsession with octopuses as well as her very sweet viral music video.

Grannis, who was also an MTV PUSH artist, put out the video for “In Your Arms” (off of her album Stairwells) just the other month. The vid features 280,000 jelly beans and took 22 months to create.

Watch Kina talk about the making of the video, as well as her aquatic online fixation, below:

Directed by Brenna Ehrlich, shot by Stephen Simon, edited by Denise Korycki