WTF: The Devil Wears Prada Would Like You To Buy Them a Shark-Shaped Boat

Posted December 21

Metal band The Devil Wears Prada stopped by MTV HQ the other week to tell us — as part of our ongoing “WTF Wednesday” series — what weird shizz they’re looking at online. Instead, we got their Christmas list.

After showing off their iOS/Android (upcoming) zombie-fighting game, Zombie Slay, which accompanies their 2010 Zombie EP, band members Jeremy and Mike bestowed up us their new favorite online obsession: This Is Why I’m Broke.

Although the guys showed us a host of useless products on the site, they seemed most intrigued by the Seabreacher, a costly boat shaped like a variety of sea creatures. The shark, naturally, being the most bad-ass.

Loyal/obsessive fans: Forgot that stupid human hair/blood collage; this is way to The Devil Wears Prada’s hearts.

Directed by Brenna Ehrlich, shot by Stephen Simon, edited by Denise Korycki