3 Tumblrs That Put A New Spin On Album Art

Posted January 12

As we wander toward the day when album art will become wholly obsolete (Music will eventually just be implanted directly into our brainpans in 5 years), it’s nice to see so many valiant Tumblr-ers celebrating vinyl sleeves with creative takes on classic covers. Check out a cadre of examples of such anachronistic artistry after the jump.


This sad little Tumblr imagines what album covers would look like minus deceased members of the band. As you can imagine, the moroseness of said album covers increases in direct proportion to that band’s hard-livin’ quotient.


Whereby every child of the ’80s/modern-day office manager’s favorite thing finally gets the respect it deserves.


We live in an Internet age, therefore there’s really no reason why all static images shouldn’t move and ripple like an LSD addict’s lucid dream.

By Brenna Ehrlich