A Place To Bury Strangers Creates Gorgeous, Hipstamatic-Sourced Music Video

Posted January 10

Retro camera app Hipstamatic used to be the coolest way for people with no photo skills to take awesome snaps — until Instagram came along (the social photo-sharing app with 15 million users). Now, it seems Hipstamatic is in for a revival, first with the launch of its more social disposable camera D-Series app, and now with a new Hipstamatic-spun video from Brooklyn band A Place To Bury Strangers.

The video, which premiered today on Spin, features an almost flipbook-esque array of pictures snapped by singer/guitarist Oliver Ackermann using the “Ina’ 1969 Film” Hipstamatic setting. The whole deal depicts a collaged tour diary of sorts, featuring footage from Brooklyn as well as more foreign lands, personal moments as well as fast-paced cuts of travel and open roads.

The song that scores the work is “So Far Away,” off of the band’s upcoming EP, Onwards to the Wall.

This is far from the first music video to be recorded on a phone/using a mobile app. The Vaccines created a video using Instagram snaps, Kurt Vile sourced images for “Baby’s Arms” using a Windows Phone and bands like Panic! At The Disco have used video-sharing app Viddy to crowdsource vids.

By Brenna Ehrlich