Adorable Child Captures Millions of Hearts With Her First Hardcore Song

Posted January 20

Not every musician can score nearly five million views on their first music video in one day. That’s because not every musician is an adorable 8-year-old Australian child with a passion for hardcore music.

On January 19, 8-year-old Juliet’s mother posted a brief video co-created by Australian producer Rob Sharpe (and edited by Mom) to her YouTube page. On January 20, the vid has been watched millions of times.

With lyrics like “Get your two-step on!” and “Let’s open up this pit” (in reference to stuffed animal-laden trampoline) how can you go wrong?

Juliet and Co. is already selling T-shirts, and the denizens of YouTube have been quick on the draw when it comes to spin-offs, proving that on the web, a hot meme will catch on faster than you can say “Sh*t Whoever the Hell Says.”

By Brenna Ehrlich