Organizational Platform Seeks To Keep Harried Musicians On Track

Posted January 20

It can be difficult for musicians to keep their lives in order whilst juggling a budding (or even barely budding) career, their inevitable “day job” and all those groupies. Well, a new platform launched this week that aims to keep even the most ADD-addled of drummers on track: Artist Growth.

Artist Growth is a platform and series of apps created by musicians Matt Urmy and Jonathan Sexton that hopes to serve as kind of a blueprint/planner for working artists.

For $4.99 per month, an artist can sign up for the service, which he can use online or on his iOS or Android device.

Artist Growth provides users with a variety of functions: 1). Artists can download “Action Packs” — such as “Promoting a Show” — which populate their calendars with certain tasks (“Post my show to Facebook,” etc). The app reminds users of those tasks via push notifications, so forgetful music folk can keep on point.

2). Artists can keep inventory of merch… 3). as well as keep a record of their finances. 4). They can also learn more about the business via a database of advice from music pros.

Since I am not, in fact, a touring musician, I will withhold judgment of this app at present. However, I’ll check back in a few weeks with a full review from a real-life artist, who will tell us whether or not this app can really keep a band dude organized.

By Brenna Ehrlich