Indie Concert-Planning Site Oh My Rockness Gets An iOS App

Posted January 13

DIY show-planning site Oh My Rockness has finally made it to the mobile age, launching an app for iPhone and iPad this week.

Oh My Rockness, which has been around since 2004, is the practically the Bible of indie shows in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Want to know which weird and wonderful bands are playing tonight/this week/this month? Well, Oh My Rockness is the place to go.

Up until this week, the site has been more of a desktop resource — which is kind of annoying when you’re out and about and looking for something to do. Finally, however, the husband and wife operation (husband Patrick McNamara has guest-written for us in the past) is out with a $1.99 app that puts all of that valuable show info in your pocket.

The app is relatively simple: Log in using your Oh My Rockness account (or make a new one) and start filtering shows via a variety of factors: 1). Date, 2). Location, 3). Recommended Shows, 4). Free, 5). All ages (ugh). Add shows to your Show List for safe keeping, and bands to your Band List to get email alerts when they’re playing near you.

In many ways, the DIY nature of the website translates into the app — which is cool when it comes to content (Weird-ass shows! Illegal venues!) but not so cool when it comes to functionality.

First of all, you can only add bands to your Band List who have hyper-linked names (we’re not sure why). Secondly, the Show List is fine, but it would be much cooler if it synced with your iPhone calendar so that you could set up reminders.

Also, the app is suffering from lack of niceties — like playable samples of the music in question, and integration with Google Maps on venue pages. Yes, it features the venue address, but it would be cool to be able to get directions right there within the app.

Still, the app is pretty new, so we expect that the Oh My Rockness team will make some tweaks in the future.

By Brenna Ehrlich