Musician Imagines Synesthetic Technology In New Video

Posted January 4

The past few years saw a bevy of musicians turning to new tech like HTML5 to create awesome, interactive videos. For his new video, “Blue Station,” Noah Wall gives his own spin on the phenomenon, using a fictional technology called “Colormind” to condense Paul Newman’s classic film Hud into just over two minutes.

Colormind, according to Wall‘s website, is “an exciting new technology that uses sound, shape, heat and subliminal color to condense time and bind emotional response.” The resulting video is basically a ton of stills from the western, featuring different colored shapes blocking out the characters’ faces. Wall plans to produce more videos in the “Colormind” series.

We’re not sure if the video succeeds in capturing the mood of the Newman flick, but it definitely is moody — something about disjointed, somehow besmirched black and white footage fits with the feeling of coming “home from the station,” as the chorus goes. The disconnect that is traveling.

Wall, as you may recall, is all about the artistic expression. Back in October, he released his newest album, HÈLOÏSE, (on vinyl and cassette) via a Google Maps-aided scavenger hunt in New York. “Blue Station” is featured on that album.

By Brenna Ehrlich