Watch A Concert From Every Angle, Thanks To Fan-Sourced Footage

Posted January 12

He’s at every show: the ogre, the dude who appears directly in front of you as soon as your favorite band takes the stage. Well, a new app is coming on the scene that aims to vanquish that fiend — OutListen, a soon-to-be-released mobile/web app that allows fans to aggregate footage of shows and stitch it together into one cohesive video.

OutListen has yet to be unleashed upon the masses, but you can sign up for an early peek, as well as glean how it works from the video on the homepage.

Apparently, a band creates a profile on the service and uploads their tour dates to an interactive calendar. After a show, fans can fire up the app and upload any video footage they may have shot on their phones/cameras during the show. All of this footage is collected into a database of videos synced to specific concert dates.

If fans generate enough footage of the same show, the app apparently uses “waveform pairing software” to analyze the videos and match them up to create a whole, Frankenstein-esque concert. Bands can even cut in their own professional video.

OutListen, which is a part of accelerator program Start Engine, is very similar in conceit to Veokami, one of the winners of Lollapalooza’s 2011 hackathon. That service, now called SwitchCam, has already been up and kicking for a while now, so OutListen will have some competition in the sphere.

Still, SwitchCam is much more about fans uploading footage than artists controlling the aggregation of their own content via creating events and uploading tour dates, so OutListen could find an under-served market there.

Whatever service you use, it seems there’s finally a home for that shaky, washed-out video you took of that Washed Out show the other week.

By Brenna Ehrlich

Image courtesy of Flickr, Henrik Moltke

[h/t @pinojo]