Shazam Goes Beyond Music Identification With Shazam Player

Posted January 11

Usually, you only fire up Shazam when you want to know the name of that song that’s playing at the bar. Now, it seems, Shazam wants you tapped into the service on a much more regular basis, as it has launched a brand-new, iOS-based music player called Shazam Player.

Shazam Player aims to replace the Music player on your iPhone by offering much more functionality than your native Apple app. After you download the free application, it scans your iTunes music library and ports everything over to the Shazam Player. From there, you can delve more deeply into your collection in a variety of ways.

First, you can create personalized playlists, as well as a more general list of your top songs. There’s also a feature called “The Bad List” that allows you to banish your most-skipped tunes from the app when you’re listening on shuffle. This is a great feature, especially if you’re not that vigilant about organizing/trimming your music collection.

You can also click on songs to check out YouTube videos from the artist, lyrics, tour dates, bios and reviews, as well as share that track on Facebook and Twitter.

Perhaps the coolest aspect of the app is the addition of Shazam Lyrics Play, the live, scrolling lyrics function Shazam added to its tagging apps this past summer. For all songs that are applicable — this is determined during the initial scan — you can pull up karaoke-esque lyrics and sing along at will. You can also check out tops songs on Lyrics Play and purchase them for your library.

However, according to Gigaom, the app only has access to lyrics for 50,000 songs — which isn’t really that many. I, for one, could only find lyrics for 40 songs out of my vast library.

The Shazam music identification app can be accessed by tapping the icon within the player, but it is a separate entity from the Player app.

Competing music-identification app Soundhound has a similar offering called LyricsPlay that resides within its ID app. That service — in addition to pulling up lyrics for tagged songs — allows users to listen to tunes from their iTunes library while accessing real-time lyrics. In contrast to Shazam, Soundhound’s app has one millions songs-worth of lyrics. However, that product focuses less on organizing music than finding lyrics to tunes in your library. You can’t make playlists, etc.

By Brenna Ehrlich