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Posted January 6

Are Spotify and all the rest too much effort for you when it comes to listening to music? We get it; it’s Friday, our brains have expired as well. Luckily, there’s, an online radio service that offers up a constant stream of curated music dictated by genre. has an extremely simple interface: The homepage features 12 genres. Click on one and a stream of tunes will start playing, all sourced from Soundcloud. You can either “Like” a track to save it to your playlist, “Hate” it (which doesn’t really do anything), skip it, share it via your social networks or buy it on Amazon (or as a ringtone). Artist pages also feature info, like bios and snaps. And that’s about all she wrote. No bells. No whistles. No distracting, glittery confetti.

The enticing part of, it seems, is that it’s curated: “We grab information about music that is trending from a variety of sources including traditional music charts, popular blogs, digital music sales and other services. Then we use that data to put together our stations and to keep them always updated with the best new tracks” the About page reads, along with a call for artists to submit their own music.

Granted, this idea is far from original: WeAreHunted also includes playable charts sourced in a similar way, as do myriad other Internet radio stations, which makes this service just another addition to a growing, glittering heap. The music discovery space, it seems, is getting rather crowded and we need someone to create something wholly novel in order to really grab the populace’s attention. is not that “something,” but it is a neat way to discover new music on a lazy Friday.

By Brenna Ehrlich

[via Hypebot]