Spotify + Pandora = SpotON Radio

Posted January 11

Need a dead-simple way to find new tunes on Spotify? Well, we suggest giving SpotON Radio — a free iPhone application that works with your Premium Spotify account — a download.

SpotON Radio uses Spotify’s recently opened API — as well as music intelligence platform the Echo Nest‘s API — to create a simple music discovery experience. The app is very similar to Pandora (and Spotify’s overhauled radio feature — but mobile) in that it creates stations based on artists, but it mixes in the functionality and control of Spotify as well.

Sign in to Spotify via the app and you’ll be greeted with a screen featuring three starter stations, generated from the bands you listen to the most on Spotify. You can either listen to those stations, or create a new one based on a chosen artist or one of the top 100 artists on Spotify.

Once you fire up your new station, you can listen to and skip songs at will, giving tunes thumbs-ups and thumbs-downs to fine-tune future music selections. You can also share tracks on Facebook and add them to Spotify playlists (there’s no native playlisting within the app).

Click back to the station page by clicking “Hide” and you can check out how many songs you liked/disliked, share the station on Facebook, save it as a Spotify playlist, check out a list of related artists, or delete the whole thing if you’re just not feeling it.

The app is simple, but that kind of simplicity is key when you’re just trying to find a new band who sounds like that other band that you already like.

By Brenna Ehrlich