Theophilus London On Remix Contests: “It’s not scary because it’s giving the music another life.”

Posted January 19

Nowadays, you don’t have to have ample connections to get yourself featured on a rapper like Theophilus’ London new album — you just need access to the Internet. And musical talent, of course.

London — who dropped his first full-length album, Timez Are Weird These Days, last year — has teamed with with Bing and Talenthouse to launch a remix contest for the single “All Around The World.” is an online community for artists founded in 2009 that creates competitions hosted by celebs and brands in order to jumpstart the careers of lesser-known artists in a variety of disciplines. Lady Gaga and Deadmau5 have used the service in the past, and Universal Music Group recently forged a partnership with the burgeoning company as well.

London hooked up with Bing during last year’s South By Southwest music and media conference in Austin, Texas, where he played a couple of parties during the technology portion of the conference. The rapper — who told O Music Blog, “I like to challenge myself. I get bored with routines” — kept in touch with the company, working with them on a remix album due to drop in April.

“I’m all for technology — hustling technology, being progressive online,” the rapper says.

The remix album will feature a fan-sourced remix of “All Around The World,” with fans submitting their work to Talenthouse until January 22, 2012.

The winner will score $3,500 and the chance to visit London in his Brooklyn studio and finish up his/her mix.

“It’s one of my favorite songs on the album,” London says of “All Around the World.” “I tried to make a stadium, big beat album when I played the festivals last year. I’m excited to see somebody flip it.”

Although remix contests are becoming increasingly popular, some artists might balk at putting their work in strangers’ hands. Not London. “It’s not scary because it’s giving the music another life,” he says.

By Brenna Ehrlich

Image courtesy of Flickr, Matt Perich