Too Lazy To Make A YouTube Playlist? Try This!

Posted January 3

Back from your two-week vacation and brain-dead as hell? Why not queue up a bunch of songs from your favorite artist and just cool out for the rest of the day? Web app Tubalr will help you out with that.

Tubalr is an extremely simple app that taps into YouTube to create a continuous playlist of music from a specific artist or genre sans ads, comments and everything else cumbersome about the video-sharing site.

Simply create an account, search for a band, and BAM, you have a playlist comprising popular songs from your artist of choice. You can also toggle over to “similar” in case you’re in the mood for a band like Youth Lagoon, but don’t necessarily want to listen to Youth Lagoon.

The app also allows you to favorite songs for future listening, share playlists via social networks, and surf through other users’ searches and favorites. To date, the site has seen 124,870 searches.

What do you plan on zoning out to today?

By Brenna Ehrlich

[via Mashable]