Hey Artists: Get Ready For Some Tumblr Fan Mail

Posted January 5

Contacting your favorite Tumblr bloggers has always been a rather cumbersome process. Yes, you can send messages via that “Ask Me Anything” feature, but not everyone enables that chestnut. Now, it seems, Tumblr will be making it even easier to contact bloggers via the flatteringly monikered feature, “Fan Mail.”

The details on “Fan Mail” are scarce at the moment — “You can send unlimited Fan Mail to the blogs you follow and customize each message,” says a blog post” — however the idea of “unlimited” messaging seems tantalizing. The feature will be rolling out soon.

On Twitter, you can’t DM other users unless they follow you, making it hard to get in touch with bloggers, musicians, etc that you want to praise/stalk/whatever. And, of course, not everyone can put their email out there for all the world to see and utilize.

That’s why we could see this new feature becoming a cool way for the many musicians using Tumblr to get messages from their followers in a safe, some-degree-of-separation way — provided there’s some sort of filtering/organizational system in place to help out popular bloggers.

Which bloggers will you be hitting up with “fan mail?”

By Brenna Ehrlich