WTF Wednesday: Real Estate Digs Feats Of Musical Fortitude

Posted January 18

Welcome to another edition of WTF Wednesday, where bands tell us WTF they’re looking at online. This week, we caught up with Real Estate, who shared with us some of their musical idols, and gave us a peek at their new music video for “Easy” (off of their latest album, Days).

Some musicians look up to legends like Elvis and The Beatles when it comes to muddling through the music scene; others look to the spiritual side for guidance. When Brooklyn band Real Estate needs a pick-me-up, they look to musicians who display a certain level of sticktoitiveness in the face of adversity.

Or so it seems when taking a peek at what they’ve been looking at online lately: a juggler who busts out some fancy moves set to the soundtrack of The Beatles’ Abbey Road, and a kid drummer who doesn’t let a stomach bug kill the rhythm inside him.

Speaking of persistence, the band is out with a new video that shows just to what lengths their devoted street team would go to get the band’s jams out there. The vid premiered on comedy site Funny Or Die, so judge the seriousness of its contents accordingly.

Directed and shot by Brenna Ehrlich, edited by Toby Leddy