Cameo: Your Life As A Music Video

Posted February 23

Ever had a transcendent show experience? You know the kind. That moment when your favorite band is playing your favorite song, your friends and the entire venue are singing along and suddenly it’s like you’re watching a movie of your life.

Most of us save a stub or snap a few blurry pics as a reminder of these scenes. But what if we could share the actual moment as we experienced it? This is the inspiration behind the new video app, Cameo.

“It’s really about capturing experiences and turning them into something that tells the story behind each moment,” Cameo Founder, Matthew Rosenberg, told us. “Something that feels almost like a music video or movie trailer.”

The Cameo team wanted to make an app that allowed users to create personalized content reminiscent of “second-generation MTV programming,” as Rosenberg puts it. Essentially, they’ve made a mobile toolkit for producing something between a music video and a reality TV spot.

“It’s like having a TV crew in your pocket. The app captures the content, edits it, filters it, adds music to it and ultimately produces a really compelling piece of content,” explained Rosenberg. “We’re allowing people to capture moments in a really unique way that’s never been done before.”

The app will also allow users to pull together pre-existing content on their phones, including songs from users’ iTunes libraries, images and video recordings.

Working with video and music has been a welcome change for Cameo’s team of 20-something dudes. A couple of years ago, they launched the group-texting app: Fast Society. But with the popularity of video-texts and rise of photo-sharing apps like Instagram, the guys were inspired to build something more visually engaging.

“At South By Southwest last year, we had an epiphany. After we added images and video to the texting, we noticed that was what people shared the most,” Rosenberg said. “We realized that what people were really doing was sharing stories — the app was less of a utility and more of a way to capture or document your life. So we decided to run with the concept and it became Cameo.”

Cameo is slated for release in private beta at South By Southwest and will be initially exclusive to iPhone. We’ll be getting a sneak peek tonight at our first Unboxed event in New York at The Studio at Webster Hall. And we’ll be sharing the first public Cameo video capturing the night’s festivities. So stay tuned!

Image courtesy of Flickr, Libertinus