The Red Hot Chili Peppers Get Interactive In New Video

Posted February 6

As has been noted time and time again, the experience of watching music videos is becoming more lean-forward as the web increasingly becomes the destination for that art form. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are out with a new interactive video for the single “Look Around” off of their tenth studio album I’m With You that plays right into this burgeoning trend.

The video is kind of a digital house of sorts — reminiscent of cult theatrical experience Sleep No More — replete with rooms that you can click and drag to explore. The viewer can spin through the rooms to watch scenes unfold, or click on particular objects to unlock extra photos and videos from the video production process. Sadly, when you click into this extra content, the music stops, which is a major oversight when it comes to user experience.

This kind of interactive, choose-your-own-journey video is certainly becoming de rigueur these days, with videos from the likes of Arcade Fire, Andy Grammer, We The Kings, Devo — the list goes on — cropping up on the web.

This progression from static, performative vids to the click-and-drag variety makes sense: The way we’re watching videos — sitting in front of our laptops, instead of on the couch — has changed, so why should the format remain the same?

What do you think of the Chili Pepper’s contribution to the genre?