Set Your Tweets To Music With Social Radio

Posted February 28

Everything sounds just a little grander, a little more dramatic when underscored with music (depending, of course, on the emotional timbre of said music) even a handful of tweets describing just how much you loathe people who wear backpacks on the subway. Yup, just when you thought Twitter couldn’t get any more ADD-addled, someone goes ahead and releases The Social Radio for Twitter, allowing users to listen to their tweets, whilst listening to tunes.

The Social Radio — available on iOS and Android — is far from the first app released that allows you to listen to tweets rather than read them. Tweet Speaker, which we wrote about back in November, is basically the same deal. Still, The Social Radio brings one aspect into the equation that Tweet Speaker lacks: music.

Upon opening the free app, you’ll be presented with the option to “Tune into your timeline.” When you do so, a song from your iTunes will start playing, and a robot voice will commence reading your tweets. The initial experience was pretty entertaining for me, as the first song that started playing was “Pineapple Girl” by Mister Heavenly, and the first tweet was from writer/musician/professional offender Gavin McInnes.

You can then either passively listen to tweets and music, or click through to switch to specific tunes from iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud or another music app. You can also listen to tweets sorted by your Twitter lists, popular trending topics or search terms.

While we can’t really imagine (or would rather not imagine) a world where people are too busy to actually read tweets, The Social Radio is a fun little service. It’s also currently free, so there’s really no reason not to give it a download. Unless you hate fun. You don’t hate fun, do you? We didn’t think so.