Nothing Says “I Love You” Like A 15-Second Music Video

Posted February 8

Is 15 seconds sufficient to tell a body you love him/her? If you’re a Viddy user, the answer to that query is a hearty, “Yes.” The video-sharing app has just released a love-themed production pack, complete with the appropriately titled single “Valentine’s Girl” from teen singers Mindless Behavior.

Viddy — a kind of Instagram for video — is an iOS app that launched in May of last year. The app allows users to shoot 15-second video snippets and then layer on “production packs,” which include filters, effects and music. The app has become a darling among musical acts like Incubus, Snoop Dogg and T-Pain, who have all rolled out their own production packs — or custom set of filters etc.

Mindless Behavior joins that stable of bands today with their own production pack, featuring a ton of flying hearts and the strains of their lovelorn single. Users are encouraged to tag their crushes/lovers/stalking victims when sharing the video to social channels so as to make their ardor known.

Although we appreciate that Viddy chose to give us an outlet for our feelings this V-Day season, we wish were given more options when it comes to self-expression — you know, songs that encapsulate every gradation of that crazy little thing called love.

Which 15 seconds of song score the contents of your heart?

Image courtesy of Flickr, camerakarrie