WTF Wednesday: Miracles of Modern Science Sing “The Neverending Story” Theme Song

Posted February 22

Lucky, lucky O Music Blog readers — this week you get not one, but two editions of WTF Wednesday, our glorious, informative video feature in which bands reveal all the weird shizz that they’re looking at online. In this episode, “orchestral space-pop” band Miracles of Modern Science gift us with a few videos of adorable pups, as well as afford us a glimpse at their next possible cover song viral hit.

A couple of weeks ago, you may have seen a little video flitting about the web titled “Bon Joviver”, featuring a cadre of bearded, hatted men covering Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love A Bad Name” in the style of Oscar winner Bon Iver. The progenitors of that masterpiece are the aforementioned band, who also released an album of their own rock-out/pop-out classical instrument-spun jams, Dog Year, in December.

In keeping with the canine theme of their album title, Miracles of Modern Science showed us a few of their favorite dog videos when they stopped by MTV HQ the other day (only a few are included in the video below) as well as sowed the seeds for what (we at least think) could be their next viral success: a cover of theme song from The Neverending Story. So far, they’ve only learned the chorus, but we have faith that the guys can master each and every hand gesture that singer Limahl executes in the stirring music video (watch here).

In the meantime, however, we’ll just have to sate ourselves by watching the band play the O Music Awards Unboxed event at the Studio at Webster Hall tomorrow.


Image courtesy of Facebook, Miracles of Modern Science