WTF Wednesday: MNDR Likes Dirty Dudes & KARP

Posted February 22

Welcome to another edition of WTF Wednesday, in which bands tell us what the f**k they’re looking at online. This week, we hit up Amanda Warner — a.ka. MNDR — who told us all about her obsession with her friend’s super random Tumblr, as well as a documentary about KARP (the band, not the swimmy kind).

MNDR — who was nominated for an O Music Award for Best Web-Born Artist — drops her first full-length album this summer and will be headlining The O Music Awards’ first Unboxed event this Thursday at the Studio at Webster Hall.

Unboxed is a series of live events that will bridge the gap between awards shows; they’re an app unveiling, concert and art installation all in one — a veritable explosion of musical nerdiness.

In addition to playing Thursday — following openers Miracles of Modern Science — MNDR will also be shooting a music video for her remix “C.L.U.B” with director Eli Stonberg live at the show.

Talented musician, upcoming album, kickass music video, blah, blah — that’s all well and good, we know. What you really want to know, naturally, is what Warner’s browser history looks like. Luckily, we were hanging over her shoulder recently and got a peek at a few of her online picks: an eclectic Tumblr from friend Preston titled, appropriately, Dirty Preston, and “Kill All Redneck Pr*cks,” (KARP for short) a film about one of Warner’s favorite post-hardcore bands.

Like what you see? Well, come chill with Warner Thursday at Webster Hall. You may end up in her music video, which could end up in another band’s catalogue of online favorites, which could end up on another edition of WTF Wednesday. Super meta, no?