Interactive Rap Video About Internet Fame Is Super Meta

Posted March 20

There have been a ton of interactive music videos rolling out this year — from Arcade Fire’s “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains),” to Chris Bathgate’s “Big Ghost,” to Ellie Goulding’s “Lights” — but none have been quite as Web-oriented as Yung Jake’s “Embedded.”

“Embedded” — embedded (haha) above in linear format — was created by Yung Jake in coordination with Eli Stonberg, director of Au Revoir Simone’s interactive coloring book video “Knight of Wands” (which was nominated for an O Music Award) and a similarly tech-y video created for MNDR during our very first O Music Awards Unboxed event. That video will be coming soon, so keep an eye or two peeled.

“Embedded” the song deals with the rapper’s urge to go viral, to have his music video spread throughout the web — from blogs like The Daily What and Rhizome to social networks like Twitter, Tumblr and Google+. The video itself — rendered in HTML5 — basically mirrors everything Yung Jake raps via a multi-browser experience. The focal point is what looks like a YouTube page where Jake’s video is playing. However, the viewer soon discovers that s/he is not watching a passive vid on the video-sharing site as the view counts climb all on their own and various windows featuring social streams and blogs pop up, littered with Jake’s image and info about the rapper. The video takes over one’s screen — much like Arcade Fire’s HTML5-spun video experience “The Wilderness Downtown.”

“Embedded” is certainly a visual treat for any tech head or music lover, but it’s also a pretty apt representation of where the music world is headed nowadays — the need, as an artist, to get your work seen by as many people as possible, the impact a single tweet or embed can have on a musician’s career.

We’ve reached out to Yung Jake to chat more about the song and the video it spawned. In the meantime, close your office door (or shield your computer from your cubemate’s prying eyes). Some of the vid is NSFW.

Check out full credits below:

Sound – Max Barbaria
Cameraman – Grant Curatola
Cinematographer – Temra Pavlovic
Effects – Spencer Rothbell
Web Development – Vince McKelvie / Gin Lane Media
Design – DJ Student Body