Madonna Joins Twitter For One Day To Promote New Album

Posted March 26

Monday, Madonna dropped MDNA, her 12th studio album and her first LP since 2008. To herald its release and to connect with fans, the 53-year-old pop star joined Twitter — just for today — to take questions from the masses.

The Web has been abuzz today about MDNA and the social tactics Madonna has employed to release it. In addition to doing a Facebook Live-only interview with Jimmy Fallon on Saturday (apparently the only live press the singer is doing for the disc), she also released MDNA via deals site at a discounted price of $7.99.

Her most intriguing move, however, has been joining microblogging site Twitter. The news was announced on her website thusly: “Madonna joins Twitter for 1 day only to answer fan questions and celebrate the release of her MDNA album. Got a question? #AskMadonna.”

Madonna will commence answering queries at 10 p.m. EST; fans can submit questions to @MadonnaMDNAday using the hashtag #askmadonna. The account currently has around 13,000 followers, and she (or her manager or whoever) has already retweeted questions/sentiments submitted by celebrities like Ryan Seacrest and Ellen DeGeneres.

While it’s cool that Madonna is down to answer fan questions tonight, we do hope that she doesn’t, in fact, only join Twitter for “one day.” Sure, the stunt is a great way to drum up excitement for a new release, but it seems kind of tease to tweet for one night only. Besides, we’re sure Madge has some pretty interesting things to say — even with a 140-character limit.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Karen Blue