Miracles of Modern Science: MOMS by MOMSWest, Day 2

Posted March 11

O Music Awards Unboxed is headed to SXSW, primed to loose our own brand of music/tech/weirdness on unsuspecting Austin locales with a March 15th raver featuring Miracles of Modern Science. While we’ll be winging our way to Tejas in what the kids today call an aeroplane, MOMS is driving cross-country on a multi-city tour — and they’re documenting the whole thing in this here handy Tour Diary. Keep up with their travels here on the O Music Blog, and hit us up on the 15th for wine, music and some surprises.

After a good sleep in the lodgings of new friends, MOMS took to the road again to continue our journey into the unknown. Chicago was our next port of call — its customs and people a mystery to MOMS.

Though the trip from Columbus to Chicago was a mere 6 hours, we understood the perils of not properly preparing for the cold — not so much along Napoleonic lines as bears preparing for the winter — and so we pigged out.

We took some time off the road to douse and insulate our arteries in fat disguised as food from a nearby Cracker Barrel. Most of us had never been to one before. Now checkups for the next 10 years will prove that we have. We returned to the road – heftier, but reinvigorated.

This sign seemed all too appropriate.

We could tell our journey was nearing its end as the monoliths of the wind people regarded us with wary optimism. We were welcome, but for how long?

We’re in wind country now…

The Hideout was our venue for the evening, sharing the bill with locals Speck Mountain and L.A.-based, fellow SXSW-bound, Saint Motel. We spent a good while just staring at this beautiful venue — Christmas lights rarely fail to flip the magic switch on a situation (not all of us have an actual switch…).


The room had a good vibe, made great by Jacob, The Hideout’s efficient and expert sound engineer. We were in good hands. The night drifted closer to T-minus 0 to MOMS…

MOMS time

We played a show to a crowded room of friends, old and new, and the night followed Columbus’ suit; we had a great time, and after our set hung out with the crowd, and the other bands. We bent Saint Motel’s ear for touring cautionary tales — these mainly centered on making sure we don’t lose our gear. As much as we’d like to think our songs would translate seamlessly into compelling and evergreen a cappella… when we did actually think about it, keeping our gear safe started sounding like a pretty good idea.

The Hideout’s load-in alley hideout.

After the show, we headed off to spend the night as guests of Josh’s childhood friend, Alex, an animated character who runs Chicago’s The Upstairs Gallery comedy club.

Alex and Kieran discussing the finer points of shampoo humor.

We were well-looked after again, and slept soundly and soundlessly… pretty sure none of us snore… Josh has waking night-terrors, but as long as we chain him down, he doesn’t hurt anybody.

Josh steels himself for another night.

Chicago, we’re coming back. That’s a MOMS love-filled guarantee. In the morning, we’re heading to Drury University in Springfield MO, for the first college show of our tour. More on this (and more) in Day 3 of MXMW tomorrow!

Kieran of MOMS