Miracles of Modern Science: MOMS by MOMSWest, Day 3

Posted March 12

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is headed to SXSW, primed to loose our own brand of music/tech/weirdness on unsuspecting Austin locales with a March 15th raver featuring Miracles of Modern Science. While we’ll be winging our way to Tejas in what the kids today call an aeroplane, MOMS is driving cross-country on a multi-city tour — and they’re documenting the whole thing in this here handy Tour Diary. Keep up with their travels here on the O Music Blog, and hit us up on the 15th for wine, music and some surprises.

Captain’s blog, stardate: MXMW.3

At 2.4 dog years from New York, MOMS is now the furthest we’ve been from home. We left Chicago early in the morning for Springfield, Missouri, where we would make first college contact of the tour — Drury University. Tyler Squires, a senior at the university, was our liaison there and had put in an amazing amount of work to make the show possible. Not many bands make it out their way, and we were looking forward to returning the favor by filling the evening with a heavy dose of MOMS.

Bright and early, Evan gets the MOMS-mobile up and running.

But before we reached Drury University something quite unexpected happened… Every now and then, the stars align, and fate lights and paves a path so perfect your entire life experience up until that point pales into insignificance, re-contextualized as mere threads woven together to form the impossible tapestry of the present:

“Next exit: Lincoln’s Home.”

… we took the detour.

Abe and MOMS, MOMS and Abe.

MOMS pays tribute.

I went off the deep end for a bit shortly after.

We returned to the road, spiritually rejuvenated, hurtling towards our destination — a burning lance of pure MOMS energy aimed directly at Drury University, prepared to lay waste to everything there in a single, glorious and primal release (what can I say… we’re a band of dudes). In deference to what we were actually there to do though, we settled on playing the show of our lives. The Diversity Center, our venue for the evening, was located in what used to be a church.

Getting set up before our show

We played our hearts out for the crowd and the show went well. As we moved into “MOMS Away” to put our set to rest (and I should preface this by saying I was pretty pumped up by this stage, so my recall may be skewed), fixed pews were no match for a determined dancing core who ripped them apart with Hulk-like ease, splintering wood — oak was like matchsticks before the throbbing mass — throwing entire rows skyward in an aerial spectacle of sound and fury, the likes of which could only be dreamed of by Cirque du Soleil, completely obliterating what was otherwise a peaceful establishment of moderate local historic significance in an orgy of unrestrained self-expression. Some of the details are a little hazy. Pretty sure that Hulk thing happened, though.

We hung out with the crowd for a while afterward talking about music, where we were all from and heading, the meaning of life, the universe and everything, before we eventually packed everything away and headed to stay at Tyler’s place for the evening.

We were well looked after again, and slept well.

Tomorrow… Norman, OKLAHOMA!

Kieran of MOMS