Miracles of Modern Science: MOMS by MOMSWest, Day 4

Posted March 14

O Music Awards Unboxed is headed to SXSW, primed to loose our own brand of music/tech/weirdness on unsuspecting Austin locales with a March 15th raver featuring Miracles of Modern Science. While we’ll be winging our way to Tejas in what the kids today call an aeroplane, MOMS is driving cross-country on a multi-city tour — and they’re documenting the whole thing in this here handy Tour Diary. Keep up with their travels here on the O Music Blog, and hit us up on the 15th for wine, music and some surprises.

After gathering everything we owned for absolute-sure-we-definitely-got-everything-this-time-no-really-guys (we’ve lost a couple things here and there as it turns out… nothing too major), MOMS bid farewell to Drury University and our gracious hosts in search of distant lands: Norman, Oklahoma.

… oh really?

That night we were playing an all-ages show at Opolis for a small pre-SXSW festival sponsored by the University of Oklahoma. The show was going to be outdoors, right up until it became clear Norman would be receiving its total annual rainfall that night. The venue moved proceedings indoors, savvily anticipating the universe’s realization it had wrongly let us get away with 3 shows of near-perfect weather. Every MOMS show precipitates… precipitation… and the natural order had been upset.

But where do we go to order our foo-… oh.
Free burgers to cure rain-induced woes – successful!

Monsoon season was on, but we were feeling good. Limber, even. The crowd were particularly vocal that night when we hit the stage, a large contingent had come along for us, driving in from as far as a couple hours away in some cases, as we found out chatting with them after the show. Of course, having just driven 6 hours to get there ourselves, we remained unimpressed. Like complete arseholes. (No, those were lies – we love you people, we meant it when we said it, you know who you are… thank you. We will be back.)

The band before us, Night Moves, very kindly let us use their drum set as we had lost a small but vital piece of Tyler’s set in Chicago (we would be reunited with it in Austin, courtesy of Michael the owner of Hideout who was on his way down), and also because there wasn’t much time between sets to set up and tear down. With the many bands lined up that evening, sets were short, so we kept our song transitions tightly vacuum sealed, to jam in as many MOMS jams into the Opolis jam jar as we could-… preserve?… preserves.


Helga, a sophomore at the University of Oklahoma, was our lovely hostess for our stay in Norman. We stayed up talking about our homelands – hers being particularly exotic, with an Icelandic background. She had us pretty sold on the merits of the place: friendly people, fish (preserved, stewed, grilled, smoked), a rich history and culture, shark stew, a beautiful sounding language, bustling fish markets, a place to stay, and an unusual stingray dish (if we’re there around New Years). I like seafood… I may have fixated a bit much on those details in retrospect.

Helga is possibly the sweetest person any of us have ever met. When we let her know, she claimed to know sweeter people – but when pressed, she couldn’t introduce us to any of these so-called “real people.” Her suspicious and unnerving perfection was paradoxically undermined by her willingness to lie to us about the existence of sweeter people. Nice try, Helga.

We shared floor and couch space for the night with Helga’s two black cats: Jasper and Stella. They alternated between lovingly curling up with us, and dropping hints that the fate of our sleep rested entirely in their hands. I’m going to be brutally honest here – Stella’s opera career probably isn’t going to take off any time soon, but at least it wouldn’t be for lack of practice. Sure, she has the range, and could project well enough to fill any concert hall, but unfortunately it seems as though Stella is completely tone deaf… and of course, she is also a cat. Jasper was fairly docile, providing nothing antagonized him by either moving or not moving. Ultimately though, we gained the cat community’s trust and we were accepted into their fragile social circle, as we came to understand the true nature of these gentle creatures as will be documented in MOMS’ first documentary: “Cats in the Mist”

Josh and Jasper – buds.

We slept incredibly well. Thank you, Helga!

Next time… HOUSTON!