Miracles of Modern Science: MOMS by MOMSWest, Day 5 & 6

Posted March 21

O Music Awards Unboxed has made its triumphant return from SXSW, having unleashed all manner of music/tech/weirdness on poor unsuspecting Austin and finishing up with a barn house raver featuring Miracles of Modern Science. Although we’ve made it back safe and sound, MOMS are still winding their way through the country on their multi-city musical odyssey, recording tales of their adventures in this here handy Tour Diary. Keep up with the latests and greatests in their travels here on the O Music Blog!

We’re sorry it’s been longer than anticipated between installments of MXMW! It has been continuing in earnest, but SXSW descended upon us — an overly friendly fireball to the part of our brains that controls Internet communication — and we got a bit behind. With the festivities over, and our online paralysis at an end, let’s catch up a bit.

Picking up where we left off: Two days in Houston, just before SXSW…

We’d budgeted a bit of time in our schedule to have a day off before launching into the continuous stream of musical overload that would be SXSW. It was an 8-hour drive from Norman to Houston, but with no show at the end of that drive, we had the luxury of getting a later start on things, and we took advantage of the opportunity to further indulge in the latest of our pointless hobbies: “spot the cow” and “horse or donkey?” (note for new players: It’s not a donkey). We had to gather our senses so we could give SXSW the chance to completely obliterate them.

This scene, while picturesque, was most notable for its inexplicable lack of cows…

In keeping with every other stop on our tour, none of us had ever been to Houston before MXMW. I’d only been to Texas once before, but that was only to pass through El Paso on the way to Mexico — none of the rest of us had seen the state outside of airports waiting for connecting flights. We knew it was a big place, BBQ was the state food/motto/currency/religion, something about essential oils, and that it would sadly be the western-most stop on our tour (We’ll get to you soon West Coast — and everything between — we see you over there!). Beyond that, MOMS were completely ignorant of the Texas experience.

We were staying with the parents of our friend Rebecca in Houston, and once again we were treated far better than anything we’d expected touring as a band would involve, and far better than we deserved — we played coy on the latter. We slept easily and peacefully on real beds.

Host family jackpot.

The next day, Fitzgerald’s (the venue for our Houston show that night) was the name on all our lips and the image that framed every waking thought. It would be the last show before MOMS and Austin finally became acquainted.

“Maybe if we moved this fan over he-… oh.”

We were sharing the bill with Last Year’s Men, Secret Music and the familiar Brooklyn-based faces of Ava Luna, and we’d heard great things about the venue. The venue lived up to expectations and we had a fun night, playing music for a crowd of locals and visitors also on their way to SXSW. We met and hung out with people in the crowd afterwards for a little bit, but given a 6 a.m. start the next day for the first show of our SXSW experience, we had to wrap things up fairly early to head back to our base camp for another comfortable and restful evening.

NEXT ON MXMW: It’s the big one… SXSW. All of our experiences there distilled into a single concentrated dose. Stay tuned.

Kieran of MOMS