Miracles of Modern Science: MOMS by MOMSWest Tour Diary

Posted March 9

O Music Awards Unboxed is headed to SXSW, primed to loose our own brand of music/tech/weirdness on unsuspecting Austin locales with a March 15th raver featuring Miracles of Modern Science. While we’ll be winging our way to Tejas in what the kids today call an aeroplane, MOMS is driving cross-country on a multi-city tour — and they’re documenting the whole thing in this here handy Tour Diary. Keep up with their travels here on the O Music Blog, and hit us up on the 15th for wine, music and some surprises.

We set out on our voyage of South by South Western discovery today. There weren’t too many things our bleary 6 a.m. brains could process at first; we did, however, understand that this would be awesome. Today, Miracles of Modern Science was embarking on a long-held dream to venture into parts unknown and unleash what we do on the ears of unsuspecting locals. It would be a grand adventure.

As it turns out, the real world Tetris of getting our gear into the back of our mini van wasn’t quite as fun as we thought something best described as “real world Tetris” would turn out to be. We’d convinced ourselves that getting everything to fit probably wasn’t happening and that we’d end up spending the duration of the tour secretly in New York, making up blog posts about what we thought it would’ve been like to go on tour. We did win our Tetris in the end, though. So we’re on the road! Pics or it didn’t happen, you say? WAY AHEAD OF YOU:


The drive from New York to Columbus, Ohio, was a solid 10 hours — the thought that this was the longest drive of our tour was reassuring for the first couple hours…

Driving through a mountain to the tune of music we’ve been talking about recently and reading a few of our fav comics, we whittled away the time, happy to be soaking up the fields, the trees, the barns, the barns, the silos, the barns, the odd mountain/cow, and unidentifiable objects on the horizon that turned out to be barns.

This barn was unlike many of the other barns in the area, in that it was not as close to other barns in the area.

Andrew Bird’s “Break It Yourself” seemed to fit in best with the beautiful country scenes… but we were a bit too sleep-deprived and it was a bit too calm to risk listening to the whole album. Nick Lowe’s “Jesus of Cool,” with its pastiche of genre-spoof stylings, gave our imaginations a run for their money. Long trip, but fun times. Got a little stir-crazy along the way.

Driving into Columbus.

We made it to our first show destination that night at the Brother’s Drake Meadery – a lovely new establishment that makes its own mead (!) on the premises.

So very good.

Annie, our lovely bartender, told us that when mead was created, it was so good, the god Odin gave one of his eyes for a flagon of it. A deathly silence set in. The question was in our newly vulnerable eyes “What if you like mead AND depth perception?” Fortunately Annie laughed and told us the drinks were on the house for us… this time. The venue looked after us incredibly well, feeding us and treating us to their various brews — delicious ALL.

No, really.

Playing with us that night was The Alpine Ghost, a four-piece band of Columbus locals who played a fantastic set of stylistically diverse originals — their singer very impressively switched between vocals, sax and flute throughout. Great bunch of guys, too! We went on shortly afterward to play our set — we had a great night. We made new friends, the meadery gave us a few bottles of their finest for the road, and a couple of very friendly people — Yuri and Joe — very kindly put us up at their place. They’d previously randomly met both Geoff and Evan! The world is small. That night we slept the sleep of a thousand sleepy MOMS.

Columbus was the best start we could’ve hoped for on our tour — great people, great venue, great hosts. Looking forward to coming back some day soon.

In tomorrow’s installment of MOMS by MOMSWest: Miracles of Modern Science goes to… CHICAGOOOOO!

Top image courtesy of Derek Means