WTF Wednesday: Tanlines Are One Blogger’s #1 Fans

Posted March 7

Welcome to another edition of WTF Wednesday, a weekly series where we ask bands, “WTF are you looking at — online?” This week, we hit up Tanlines, whose browser history just goes to show that you don’t have to be in a band to have groupies.

The dudes in Tanlines (never Google Image Search their name, by the way. Never) stopped by MTV HQ the other week, where they revealed to us their obsession with the work of online curiosity collector and recent Buzzfeed hire Katie Notopoulos.

Notopoulos is the progenitor of a series of How-The-F-Did-You-Come-Up-With-That? blogs, including Hot Chicks Misidentifying as Nerds and Intro To Narratives in Emoji 101. Be warned: In showing off the latter, the guys gave away the ending to Cast Away (spoilers!!!).

Tanlines’ debut album, Mixed Emotions, drops on March 20. For those of you who are champing at the bit to take a listen (as you should be, it’s very rad), you can get a taste of one brand of mixed emotion in the vid below, in which the guys explain which very conflicted emoticon encapsulates their band.

Image courtesy of Facebook, Tanlines