WTF Wednesday: Theophilus London Digs Creeping on Instagram and Gossip Sites

Posted March 28

Welcome to another edition of WTF Wednesday, in which bands tell us WTF they’re looking at online. This week, we have a vid from Theophilus London, who sat down with the O Music Blog at SXSW and revealed how much he digs surfing through Instagram and keeping up with the misadventures of other celebrities and artists via gossip websites.

Like many bands nowadays, London is a rampant user of the photo-based social network, Instagram, which now boasts nearly 30 million users. Under the moniker @theophiluslondon, the singer posts snaps, as well as creeps on pictures of pretty girls he calls his “muses” (not mentioned in this cut of the vid) and favorite users like The Fat Jew.

He also stays old school when it comes to digital human interest stories, hitting up publications like Page Six to see what gossip bloggers are saying about him (apparently a lot of sh*t) and other music world dwellers.

Fun Fact: That’s Joshua Epstein from Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.‘s salad there in the background. Keep an eye peeled for their episode of WTF Wednesday, coming soon.