Create Playlists Via Facebook Shares

Posted April 30

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Spotify’s integration with Facebook, it’s that most of our friends have terrible taste in music. Well, a new Facebook app allows you to separate friends and Pages that you trust from the chaff and create playlists from music that they share.

Musikki Social Player — which first launched as a search engine for music — is a Facebook application that makes it super easy to discover new tunes via friends and Pages alike.

Just activate the app and you’ll be presented with a grid of your friends and “Liked” Pages. Click on whoever/whatever you like, and the app will generate a playlist — complete with band info — of videos those friends/Pages/etc have shared on Facebook. You can also search for specific Pages and friends.

Right now, the app only appears to pull in videos that folks share — not music from Spotify or anything of the like — but in general, it’s a pretty cool little tool.

Apps like Monstro already allow one to create playlists from songs shared on Twitter, so it’s only natural that Facebook would get its due as well — especially since the social network is such a common spot for sharing videos.

Image courtesy of Flickr, goldberg