Miracles of Modern Science: MOMS by MOMSWest Day 15

Posted April 3

Clyde: in repose

O Music Awards Unboxed has made its triumphant return from SXSW, having unleashed all manner of music/tech/weirdness on poor unsuspecting Austin and finishing up with a barn house raver featuring Miracles of Modern Science. We’ve made it back safe and sound but MOMS have more tales of their multi-city musical odyssey to share with you in this here handy Tour Diary. Keep up with the latests and greatests in their travels here on the O Music Blog!

We awoke from our night of Gainesville revelries with the hazy and slowly dawning joyful realization that yes, tonight… we play music AGAIN!! Getting our collective acts together so that we might put on an effective collective act (I’m sorry for that one…), we bundled ourselves out of the hotel and into the MOMS mobile in search of a diner that was recommended to us the previous night by the proprietor of The Bull – the Plaza Coffee Shop run by husband and wife duo, Bill & Karol.

Bill ran the grill, and Karol was bubbly and charming as she looked after us and the rest of the patrons. The diner fare was solid and we chatted a while with Karol – she was originally from Boston and loved a good band. The walls of the diner were adorned with a second wallpaper of artwork of all subjects and mediums, much of it made by locals who appreciated the establishment. We got a very good feeling from that place and from the lovely people who run it. We’ll be back!

Shortly before hitting the road again, we found possibly the largest dog of the tour (if you’re unaware, dogs are kryptonite to the band’s otherwise superhuman sense of purpose… we just lose it over them).

Hours of entertainment for dog and band.

At some point, the dog got tired of all the attention, so we sullenly retreated to the minivan. It was probably for the best – dark clouds were overhead and it looked like a big storm was brewing.

A couple days earlier, a friend had told us that we hadn’t yet appeared on the website of the venue we were supposed to be playing in Athens. This was cause for concern as we did actually want some people to come along to see us, and we’d booked this show weeks ago. We eventually found out that due to an error on the part of the booker in communicating the bookings to the venue… we didn’t actually have a show scheduled in Athens after all. Frantically, we considered our options – we really wanted to play in Athens! A good friend of the band, Amy (who was also very generously putting us up that night – that’s her dog Clyde up the top!), ended up coming to our rescue, helping us organize to play our show at The Globe instead. We breathed a collective sigh of relief.

It was a good reminder to us of how incredibly fortunate we’ve been throughout our tour that things had gone as smoothly and positively as they had. Even when faced with the prospect of having a previously-believed-to-be solid show fall through the day before, we still managed to have a venue to play at. Thank you friends, and thank you The Globe!

We arrived in Athens, a lovely college town (home of UGA), and after meeting and talking with the staff at The Globe, got ourselves set to load in to the venue. It was shortly after that moment that we found… the stage.

Is that a dartboard on stage? Does that mean we have one song we definitely have to do on stage?… with the dartboard?… yes.

The stage was amazing. It was appropriately small for a venue as intimate as The Globe, its front was also framed by a large arch, along which two curtains hung – a dartboard hung towards the back of stage left. It would appear that Evan was going to come the closest yet in the tour to drawing blood for the sake of our art, performing as the main character in “Didit” (the opening lyrics of which: “One day when I was playing darts, I punctured all my body parts”…). We’d lost him. There was no turning back. Our love of hammy theatrics left us helpless against this environment. It would be a good night.

Our openers that evening were a MOMS first: A FIFA Soccer tournament on X-Box was in full swing in front of the stage as we were setting up. Our set would constitute part of the closing ceremonies, celebrating the victor and consoling the defeated. Given the hours of sport songs and football club song arrangements we just happened to be keeping in our back pockets all tour for this exact situation, we came inexplicably well-prepared.

The crowd that night was modest but made up for it in enthusiasm. We played our set, stuffed with raw MOMS energy, ending with “Didit.” Evan managed to puncture body parts without drawing blood – his magic is deep – and short of adopting robot arms and legs, became the part. As the last vocals faded, we drew the curtains to end the show.

We had some great local beers (Terrapin make some FANTASTIC ones!), were treated to a bit of pub fare on the house, and hung out with new and old friends from the show. It was a fun night.

We were grateful to retire for the evening to Amy’s place who made us all very comfortable in her family’s home. We were exhausted after a long drive and a show heavily laden with MOMS theatrics, and we were happy to call it a night.

Coming up in the next installment of MXMW… Miracles of Modern Science goes to ATLANTA – playing a sold-out show at The Drunken Unicorn with Youth Lagoon and Dana Buoy of Akron/Family. Until then!


Kieran of MOMS