Miracles of Modern Science: MOMS by MOMSWest, Day 16

Posted April 16


O Music Awards Unboxed has made its triumphant return from SXSW, having unleashed all manner of music/tech/weirdness on poor unsuspecting Austin and finishing up with a barn house raver featuring Miracles of Modern Science. We’ve made it back safe and sound but MOMS have more tales of their multi-city musical odyssey to share with you in this here handy Tour Diary. Keep up with the latests and greatests in their travels here on the O Music Blog!

It was the morning of the 16th day of MXMW, and upon our waking we met to plot our next move. ATLANTA! It was but a 2-hour drive from Athens. We would move on it at our pleasure and surprise them from the East, bringing MOMS swiftly and surely to all within earshot. None would be spared in this, our penultimate show.

Knowing Atlanta was a stone’s throw away (not that we would), we took the opportunity to gather more of our scattered senses and relax at Amy’s place for a bit, and then relax there for several more hours. It was great having the chance to catch up with her a bit and after saying our goodbyes, we piled into the minivan in search of The Drunken Unicorn, our venue in Atlanta for the evening, where we were set to play a sold-out show with Youth Lagoon and Dana Buoy of Akron/Family.

It’s more than irresponsible that something as mythically endangered as a unicorn wouldn’t be better about knowing its limits… but maybe that’s where the trouble started – just a bunch of hapless drunks, meeting their collective demise at the bottom of a bottle. On the other hand, if I was born a unicorn and I swore people believed in me, I’d probably start wondering how come all the other unicorns were dead… and I’d want a drink too.
(a dream of mine: covering The Unicorns at The Drunken Unicorn… or covers of The Unicorns anywhere… everywhere… always.)

We arrived at the venue and found it to be… great. They’d mixed in just the right amount of “DIY” aesthetic to give the place a cool vibe without compromising on having a professional sound system, engineer and management. We were feeling exceptionally good about it all.

Of COURSE The Drunken Unicorn’s stage is framed by and full of stars… my god…

It was an all-ages show and the room was packed. We took to the stage with a skip and a jump and launched into the music we make – the show was great. With much credit to Hillery Terenzi for the next four photos, here we are in motion:

Josh and mandolin: mutual symbiosis.
“Always keep your eyes on your cymbals.” -Tyler Pines
(from “Things Kieran Thinks I’ve Said”)
“Ehhhhh!” – Evan
“Ahhhhh!” – Kieran

You can check out the rest of Hillery’s photos here.

Dana Buoy was up next and with just two members of the band, they put out a surprisingly big sound – a dazzling array of effects pedals, loops, samplers and electronic triggers whipped up a phantom army of musicians worthy of a returning king.

Youth Lagoon played next, headlining the show. We got the chance to hang out a bit with both of them earlier on in the night and we got along well – nice dudes! They carried their ethereal catharsis on the backs of an array of synths and drum tracks with a dash of guitar to round it out.

We made quite a few new friends that night, and once we’d had a chance to meet and chat with all of them about the finer things in life and the meaning of it all, we retired for the evening. Tomorrow we’d head to Charlottesville, with a day’s grace before the last show of our wild and wonderful tour. All that and more in the next installment of MXMW!


Kieran of MOMS