Music & Tech Around The Web: Amazing Drummers, Album Streams & Tweets For $$$

Posted April 24

The week has only begin to emerge from the smoking ruins of the ‘end, and our RSS feeds are already positively replete with news. Before you freak out — overwhelmed by this bounteous abundance of knowledge — click on down yonder. We’ve rounded up some of today’s top stories for you, a potpourri of music and tech news that sure to keep you relevant from the record store to the app store.

* Hey, future must-follow artists on Twitter — now you can sell concert tix and songs directly on the microblogging site: Twitter commerce platform Chirpify raises $1.3M from social media execs

* Watch yourself, iTunes: eMusic Launches New Android App

* Listen to the Fleet Foxes drummer’s whole solo album: Stream Father John Misty Fear Fun

* Basically, all we can say is “Wow”: Disabled Drummer of the Day

* A comic book, an album and an app to boot! Visual and aural overload (in a good way): Stream Daniel Johnston’s ‘Space Ducks’ Soundtrack In Full