Music & Tech Around The Web: Pepsi, Viddy & 3D-Printed Guitars

Posted April 30

The weekend has come to a fiery end, kids. As your brain twitches back to animation, check out some of the top music & tech stories lurching through the rubble of Sat-Sun. Happy Mondaze!

* Pepsi serves up a counterstrike against Coke and Spotify: Pepsi and Twitter partner to stream live video of concerts to followers

* So much sound and fury signifying an Alanis Morissette song: Epic 6-Year File-Sharing Case Over Just 3 Songs Comes To An End

* Is Viddy next on Facebook’s shopping list?: Mark Zuckerberg Signs Up For Viddy, Otherwise Known As ‘Instagram For Video’

* WANT! Please… : Guitars Cut Out Of Thin Air: A Gallery of 3D-printed Axes

* OK, sure. I’m fine with this: Just A Lamb Saying “Yeah” (Usher remix)