Music & Tech Around The Web: Spotify Radio, Bon Iver Erotica & More

Posted April 26

So many stories, so little time. Although we all rested our heavy heads last night in solid slumber, the Web — much like New York City and Vegas — never sleeps. Here’s all that we missed while we lazily dozed.

* The clash of the streaming titans heats up: Spotify Readies Pandora-Like Online Radio Service

* For all y’all who like bad boys… Let Bon Iver convince you otherwise: Bon Iver Erotic Stories

* Everyone loves “Lonely Boy,” even your grandma. Literally: Finally Grandma Covers The Black Keys On Spoons

* So. Many. Memes. [Explodes]: ‘Dubstep Tebow’ Does Exactly What You Think It Does

* After quitting Twitter due to album leakage, Nicki Minaj is back: Nicki Minaj Returns to Twitter, Announces ‘Starships’ Video Premiere