Listen To The Radio — In the Past! — With New Web App

Posted April 27

OK, readers, it’s time for a history lesson — the musical kind, not the variety requiring big heavy books. There’s a new Web app on the scene that allows you to check out what tunes were popular in the past — all via an easy scroll.

Radio Time Machine is a pretty simple little service that lets you check out popular tunes by decade back to 1940, courtesy of the Billboard Top 100.

Although it’s not an official Rdio app — it was created by Stanford University grad student Brett Westervelt — Radio Time Machine is powered by the subscription service, so those with accounts can log in to hear full jams. Rdio is free to use on your desktop and online (you have to pay for other devices) for a certain number of hours every month.

Image courtesy of Flickr, masochismtango